Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Who's the Ding Dong Now?

   I didn't run today. I limped. For a lousy mile, all the while lying to myself that my knee was not on fire and I didn't want to pass out from the pain. I have been battling tendonitis on and off for weeks now. Ever since I started running. This doesn't seem right to me. If I stuff my face with Ding Dongs and watch TV all day, I can walk around just fine whenever I want. However, once I start eating right, exercising and running, I am no longer able to walk without grimacing in excruciating pain. My sleep is interrupted by leg cramps and searing death in my knees. I'm no longer overeating because who can be hungry when your stomach is full of half a bottle of Ibuprofen for the day? I just don't get it. But its definitely starting to piss me off. What if I ran while eating a Ding Dong? Would that fool my body into submission and convince it not to punish me when I'm just trying to get a decent nights sleep? Might be worth a try. I seriously hope my ass appreciates everything I'm going through for its sake. Somehow, I doubt it. Until tomorrow......


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