Sunday, January 1, 2017

This Means War

   What could possibly be better than a New Year? I'll tell you what's better. Losing your ass! 2017 is that year for me. Seriously, this is the year I lose it all. The outer ass. The inner ass. Oh yes, I have an inner ass. I bet you do as well although if you're like most people you won't admit it. Not without a fight anyway. That's what the inner ass does. It fights against what it already knows is true but because it's an ass it can never admit it's wrong. Defeat will never be accepted by the inner asses of this world. Sadly, my inner ass, like so many others, has also caused my outer ass to, shall we say, outgrow it's proper boundaries. But no more! War has been declared and both asses must die this year.

   So, if you're interested in asses, you've come to the right place. Until tomorrow.....